Here is a list of journal articles and working papers related to the project. We firmly believe in open access. If you have problems downloading any of these articles, then please send an e-mail to

Journal Articles

Meier zu Selhausen, F., M.H.D. van Leeuwen and J. Weisdorf (2017), Social Mobility among Christian Africans: Evidence from Anglican Marriage Registers in Uganda, 1895-2011, Economic History Review (forthcoming).

Meier zu Selhausen, F. and J. Weisdorf (2016), A Colonial Legacy of African Gender Inequality? Evidence from Christian Kampala, 1895-2011Economic History Review 69(1): 229-257.

Meier zu Selhausen, F. (2014), Missionaries and female empowerment in colonial Uganda: New evidence from Protestant marriage registers, 1880-1945Economic History of Developing Regions 29(1): 74-112.

Book Chapters

Weisdorf, J. (2018), Church Book Registry: A Cliometric View, In Handbook of Cliometrics, Diebolt, C., and M. Haupert (eds.), Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (forthcoming).

Meier zu Selhausen, F. and J. Weisdorf (2016), ‘Missions possible – what church records can tell us about non-Western societies’ demographic past’ in The Future of Historical Demography: Upside Down and Inside Out. Matthijs, K., S. Hin, J. Kok and H. Matuso (eds.), Leuven: Acco.


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