Here is a list of journal articles and working papers related to the project. We firmly believe in open access, so if you have any problems downloading any of these articles, then please send an e-mail to

Journal Articles

Meier zu Selhausen, F., M.H.D. van Leeuwen and J. Weisdorf (2017), Social Mobility among Christian Africans: Evidence from Anglican Marriage Registers in Uganda, 1895-2011, Economic History Review (forthcoming).

Meier zu Selhausen, F. and J. Weisdorf (2016), A Colonial Legacy of African Gender Inequality? Evidence from Christian Kampala, 1895-2011Economic History Review 69(1): 229-257.

Meier zu Selhausen, F. (2014), Missionaries and female empowerment in colonial Uganda: New evidence from Protestant marriage registers, 1880-1945Economic History of Developing Regions 29(1): 74-112.

Book Chapters

Meier zu Selhausen, F. and J. Weisdorf (2016), ‘Missions possible – what church records can tell us about non-Western societies’ demographic past’ in The Future of Historical Demography: Upside Down and Inside Out. Matthijs, K., S. Hin, J. Kok and H. Matuso (eds.), Leuven: Acco.

Weisdorf, J. (2014), Church Book Registry: A Cliometric View, In Handbook of Cliometrics, Diebolt, C., and M. Haupert (eds.), Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.


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