The main goals of our project are:

a) to collect and digitize, from a number of Sub-Saharan African countries, the statistical information contained in Anglican parish marriage registers, recorded between the 1850s and today;

b) to build and publicize a database containing the key demographic variables (location of marriage, spousal ages at marriage, spousal occupational titles, fathers of spouse occupational titles, and signature literacy) described in the marriage records;

c) to use the micro-data to measure and compare, across the sampled locations, long-term developments in key variables including male and female educational attainments, labour market participation, social mobility, as well as gender (in)equality therein; and

d) to uncover, based on c), the (diverse) influences of European missionary and coloniser activities on these developments among the sampled individuals in the colonial and post-colonial periods.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding our project goals, then please feel free to contact us at contact@ehca.info or use the fields below.

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